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Are you among a growing number of 12th-graders who are thinking well outside the frame for their senior shots?

The Instagram generation, devoted to “selfies” and bombarded with digital imagery, is increasingly shunning the cap-and-gown pose in front of a blue-mottled screen and in exchange are looking for portrayals that are more elaborate and personal.

Those high school seniors that have done their senior pictures at my Lake Oswego studio and locations have all said how much fun it was, how life changing, how much it has been or is sure to be the highlight of their senior year and sounds like this: 

“I love it. This is so much more individual than the school picture,” said Rachel, who figured that about half her classmates were opting for customized portraits this year.

I am passionate about sharing this incredible experience with these young adults and am devoting most of my business to seniors eager to be photographed with their dogs, their cellos, their pickups, their motorcycles or even transform them through a themed shoot into a completely different (and/or complimentary) character.

Think having shot your senior portraits in barns, churches, laundromats and even boxing rings. Or have a dress custom made for you. I am a qualified and experienced fashion designer, so you name it and it is possible! And if newspaper dresses are your fantasy, then yes, let’s do that too!

It’s growing every year.

For most seniors, the glam shots will never make it into the yearbook. Many schools still demand uniformity on those pages, with the academic drape around female shoulders and the faux tux front for the guys. Often, the school’s contract with a photo company grants exclusive rights to shoot the yearbook pictures.

Teens today don’t want to settle for being uniform, like it was a decade or two ago. They want their own look.

If your school demands you having the mandatory school shot taken, from which you need to choose one of the four mandatory poses, all in the same folding chair, all before the same background for the yearbook then go ahead and get it over and done with. But do consider it worth it to spring for a private portrait.

If you come to Tanya Rochat Portrait, with my studio in Lake Oswego, you will spend between 2 and 5 hours in indoor (studio) and outdoor settings and I will produce many jaw-dropping images for you to choose from. 

You will pay an initial cost of the shoot, with an optional makeover included, and then spend extra money on prints and products. A minimum order is required, so depending on how many and what sizes you order, the total price will vary. You may plan to frame some, send a bunch to family and exchange copies with other seniors at the end of the year.

This is all discussed during your preconsultation, but do email me to have me send out a digital senior enquire magazine for you.

“Even though it’s more expensive than the standard headshot for the yearbook would cost, it’s worth it,” Jillian said. “I look more like me.”

She plans to feature one of her custom shots on her personal yearbook page, the space given to each senior to design as they wish. But months before the yearbook is printed, your senior picture can already make a satisfying splash on the Web. Within days of the shoot, you will be invited to your senior portrait Reveal session (an in-person selection and ordering session) and thereafter you will get your digital files (included with all print products) to be posted on Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms. You will be relishing the “likes” and the “Wow!” comments, that’s a guarantee!

It usually becomes my seniors’ profile picture right away. A lot of what’s driving this is so they can post gorgeous pictures of themselves on ­social media.

For some families, the senior portrait has emerged as a new milestone, a moment to be frozen as the young adult emerges from the grown child, and then hung on the wall between the baby and bridal portraits.

Many of my clients’ parents frame their senior’s standard school-shot senior picture (or order the standout enlargements), but also want a “piece of art” to really capture their child’s last year at home. That is where photo studios like mine come in handy, for offering a shoot that include at least five outfit changes in various settings, from studio, to woods, in trees and in the snow.

If you want more information on how such a session works, call or email me and I will be happy to answer your questions and offer you more to think about and plan into your senior school year…one of the best ones of your life!

Hope to share this most exciting time with you!

Tanya XO

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