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So, you’re very nearly done with your Junior year in high school. Only one more week, then your finals and then the endless summer holiday. If you are a true-blood Oregonian you will spend most of it juggling a summer job as well as steal as many moments away to visit the Oregon coast, lounge around state parks, frequent outdoor music festivals and visit farmers markets. You will also, most likely, think a great deal about what you want for your senior pictures.

Questions going through your head might be whether you want to stand out from your friends and do something completely different, or perhaps you want to be photographed with your best friend/s, boyfriend, sister or family. Perhaps you want to show off your hobby, or dance skills or awesome new car. Maybe you want to be a character, perhaps Audrey Hepburn, a Geisha or Marie Antoinette.

Where will you get your senior photos taken? You mostly likely live in Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Tigard or Tualatin. So, are you a city girl and want to be photographed in downtown Portland? Think large graffiti walls, cafes, stone walls…Or perhaps celebrate the bridges, that gave Portland its nickname of Bridge City…Or maybe you love flowers and want to capture Portland’s other beautiful name, Rose City, and show off where you come from to the friends you will make at your new college in another state.

Maybe you just want to feel like a celebrity for a day, having all the styling and photography done in the confines of a beautiful studio with various backdrops, or maybe you want to splurge and go on a destination photoshoot. You do want your friends to be wow’ed and your children to one day think very highly of their exquisite, charming, sophisticated, young mom or dad, right?

Whatever is your fantasy or your particular (even peculiar) taste, I have done it all and can do it again. I have been a professional fashion designer, stylist and photographer in various continents for over 20 years and can help bring your wildest (or tamest) ideas to life.

But I know that before you just want to jump in and say, hey, let’s do this, I am convinced you have a whole lot of questions. I will endeavor to answer them as thoroughly as possible. Just one little caveat: once you have asked your questions and got them all answered, by having done your research, you might have a shortlist of which photographer to choose. What if a few of them all sounds equally amazing? My advice, go with your gut feel. Choose the one that feels right. For no other reason than the thought of having your photos done with them will make you so excited you will hardly be able to contain your delight.

And if that is me, call me (or call me before you are sure), and I will be honored to chat with you, get to know you, here your ideas and design something truly unique and special to you. I guarantee, you will remember it as one of the best experiences of your high school senior year.

But without further ado, here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get from interested young girls and guys.


Tanya Rochat Portrait (*TRP) strives to offer the best senior portrait experience around. I work hard to make your session a customized experience in which your true personality shines through in your images. At Tanya Rochat Portrait we offer 3-hour photography sessions for our senior clients! It’s important for us to take our time with our clients in order to create a natural, relaxed and fun senior portrait experience! That way, you can make a ton of changes in locations, wardrobe, hair and makeup so that you can have plenty of variety for your senior portraits and products!

Your day will begin with one of my makeup artist and hair stylist who uses products on your face and hair to make you look your best for your senior portraits! 

Every TRP senior gets to choose her own style in order for your images to reflect your personality. We have created a beautiful and glamorous styling magazine from which you can browse a la carte to design your look. Want to get all glammed up? Great! TRP can do that! Want to keep it natural? Perfect! You can do that too! It really is completely up to you!

After you are camera ready, you will begin your 3 hour senior portrait session! I will help you with your outfits and make sure that each outfit matches the according location. You will also have the ability to have me design and make an outfit for you by discussing this as an option during your pre-consultation, then add this to your session wardrobe to make your photography session one of a kind. You will then begin the shooting portion of your session! I strive to make sure you’re comfortable in front of the lens and will show extensive details for natural posing in every way. You can be assured that your session will be one of your favorite senior memories!

In order to book your one of a kind Tanya Rochat Senior Portrait Experience, please contact us through our contact form in the Contact page. By contacting us for your session, you will receive an online Senior Magazine complete with extensive details of the Tanya Rochat Portrait Experience. The magazine includes detailed pricing, before and afters, articles on makeup and hair, product details, frequently asked questions, and the TRP timeline. It is the best way to educate yourself on the experience.


Everything I sell as a print is delivered as a digital file as well. That way you have the best of both worlds: tangible products (matted prints. standouts, enlargements and/or designer image boxes) to enjoy for many years and also pass down to future generations. You also have the digital images to share with family and friends online.

Graduation Pictures Class of 2019


Yes, hair and makeup are included in your session. It is all part of pampering you and ensuring you look your absolute best! Your $190 booking fee includes this full makeover, which is done in my studio. Thereafter, you will be photographed in the studio with multiple backdrops and clothing styles. But that is just half of your photo session. The other half is spent on location.

If you want your hair and makeup artist to come along and give you any hair or makeup changes, and/or to stay until the end of the photo shoot, the booking fee is $250.

Lake Oswego High School Senior Pictures


Your makeover is entirely complimentary and is included in the booking fee of $190. If you choose to do your own hair and makeup you are most welcome. However, the booking fee remains the same.

The reason I include it in my session fee is to ensure that all my girls have a professional standard of hair and makeup that makes them be photographed to look their best for the camera. It is also a fantastic 90 minutes of being pampered and swoon over.


When you book your senior portrait experience with Tanya Rochat Portrait, you receive a welcome pack with all kinds of styling tips and advice, pampering suggestions to help you prepare for your photoshoot, plus the TRP timeline. I myself will have a video call with you before your photoshoot to help you plan your outfits and style them all to be the best for the day of the shoot. On the day of your photoshoot you will be pampered by an amazing hair and makeup stylist by first choosing your looks through a styling magazine, that we have created with much love and care specifically with my beautiful senior girls in mind. This will give you a great idea of what your look will turn out once you are ready for the next step. And that is being photographed by me! Having styled your wardrobe to know which outfit will go with which backdrop and which will be in the studio and which on location, you are now ready to get dressed. I will guide you through every part of the posing and photographing moments and so you don’t need any prior modeling experience. You don’t even have to feel photogenic! That is my job! I believe “being photogenic” is not a quality someone possesses or doesn’t possess. I believe it is the ability to feel and be relaxed in front of the camera, which is no one else’s responsibility but mine. And I promise you, I will make it so much for you that you will feel relaxed in no time, even if you have entered with as much anxiety as visiting your dentist (if this is how you feel, please know so does most others walking through my studio’s door, so feel at home ;))

I will also, throughout your pampering time, ask you all kinds of questions about yourself, your dreams, preferences, favorite things, or another topic that might attract your fancy more. And soon after your photoshoot I will create a magazine-style fashion story of you that we will both share on social media. Just to prove your celebrity status to the rest of the world!

Within 2 weeks of your photoshoot (often even sooner), you and your family will come back for a gallery style Reveal session (fancy name for a gallery style viewing session of your best photographs printed and on the wall). You will choose the ones you love (most girls love them all) and those you buy you take with you that very day in a gorgeous Folio box, to keep on a coffee table, your bedroom or display to the world. And as I mentioned before, everything you buy as prints, you get as digital files as well.

You will also have the opportunity to select which images you want to have as enlargements and these will be ready for you to pick up within two weeks.


Your session retainer fee of $190 is non-refundable. After your senior photography session, you are invited back to my studio to choose which images you love and those are the ones you buy. I guarantee you that you will love your images and remember, you only buy the ones you want to keep. There is no hard sell. If you liked none, you buy none. But that never happens 🙂

Once you have made your purchase, the sale is final. You get to take home with you, on that same day, your beautiful images, all inside double matts that fit beautifully into a folio box (see the below images).


There are three main (and easy options), and all are equally effective:

  1. You can call me on 971-533-1545
  2. You can email me directly at info@tanyarochat.com
  3. You can visit my website and fill out the contact form on the Contact Page.

Lakeridge high school senior pictures


Yes, absolutely! Something that is uniquely offered to all my high school senior clients is that when you book me, you get a complimentary family photo shoot for another day (a value of $250). This must be redeemed within 9 months of your senior photo shoot.

The day of your senior photoshoot, however, is all about you! Photographing you in your various outfits and in different settings.

Family photo shoots lake oswego


My portrait studio, and the place where your amazing experience starts, is based in the heart of Lake Oswego, a stone’s throw from Zupan’s and La Provence in Lake Grove.


Yes, I will. It will cost a little bit extra if it is outside the boundaries of Lake Oswego, but to give you a correct estimate, it is best if you drop me an email or call me so I can hear what you have in mind and give you a better ballpark figure.


For me, providing a boost in self-esteem to all the young girls I photograph is HUGE to me. A healthy confidence in oneself can result in better grades, better attitude, better behavior, better choices and a better outlook on life. A lot of my girls have absolutely no clue how beautiful they truly are and if I can help them see that, then I’ve done my job.


Session Retainer Fee: $190

Starting Print Prices: $275

Starting Folio Collections: $1200

We offer a luxury photography experience that is once in a lifetime. With Tanya Rochat Portrait you are working with a world-renowned photographer and her team of stylists, and artists to get a one-of-a-kind portrait session that you will cherish for the rest of your life.


How much do you value being a senior and capturing the highlight of your school and teenage years? Will you ever be at the verge again of stepping out into the real world, ready to pursue your dreams with all the anticipations and plans and dreams you have right now? Will you ever be as full of anticipation about what is to come? Will there ever be a time again where you and all your peers are as celebrated as you are now and where everybody’s eyes are on you like this? Choose to celebrate your unique you, the person you have been developing and becoming for the last 17 to 18 years. Choose that instead of more stuff. Take the money you were going to throw at clothes or entertainment you were just kind of going with, and invest it in an experience and products that will last in your memory and your home for a lifetime, even be passed down to your children and their children!. Not only will you be pampered and given a unique experience, you will also learn how to style yourself to show off your best self that you will absolutely fall in love with! I guarantee you that this senior experience will be one of your senior year’s highlights and will remain with you for the rest of your life. It will give you not just fabulous memories, but will boost your confidence and self-esteem like no other (which you can’t say about those jeans you’re eyeing!) Ten years from now, you’ll be grateful you took the leap to go for this experience to learn more about the beautiful person that you are and having celebrated her in all her glory!

High End Senior Pictures Lake Oswego

So, there you have it m’dear!

Get ready to go “Ohhhh I never knew just how beautiful I am! How have I never seen myself like this before?!”

This isn’t fluff or frivolous. It’s about your heart, confidence, and joy.

What I am doing is life changing. Come as you are, then pass it onto your future generations. You will forever be grateful you took this leap of faith.

Tanya XOXO

High School Senior Portraits Lake Oswego





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